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  1. It is difficult to accurately verify when people wore jewelry. However, it is not difficult to imagine that since human beings began to realize the decoration and beautification of themselves, human beings have also formed an indissoluble bond with it. The most primitive jewelry of mankind can probably be traced back to the remote stone age
    from the data collected from the Paleolithic age and modern primitive tribes found around the world, people can find that the early primitive body ornaments mainly include: necklaces, waist ornaments, arm ornaments, wrist ornaments, headwear, etc., and among these forms, necklaces and waist ornaments are the main ones. To a large extent, they are decorated around the reproductive area of the human body. The reason is that in addition to the ability of these parts to support the wearer, a large number of studies have shown that this choice has other purposes
    the colors and patterns on animals are also body ornaments. Natural body ornaments, male birds' headwear, neckwear, chest ornaments, tail ornaments, etc. often change and display regularly in the breeding season, and these ornaments are quite effective in attracting the opposite sex. A large number of biological materials confirm that the beautiful ornaments of animals have great advantages in the process of sexual selection. Human body tattoo is a similar form of body decoration, while human body decoration is the extension and qualitative change of animal natural decoration
    the earliest human body ornaments found in the late Paleolithic period all over the world, whether they are animal teeth, feathers, or stone beads, have a very significant feature: smooth, regular, small and beautiful. This feature further illustrates the important psychological motivation of body decoration, such as dressing up, self display and attracting the opposite sex. Therefore, it is very scientific to trace the aesthetic feeling of body decoration originating from psychology and physiological instinct. The function of "body beautification" derived from this origin is the most original and fundamental function of jewelry
    there are two other important factors in the origin and development of jewelry, one is the religious function and the other is the social function. Both of these factors are based on the physiological instinct and developed and evolved on this basis. Religion originates from the witchcraft of prehistoric human beings, and the religious motivation for the development of body decoration is precisely formed in the witchcraft activities of prehistoric human beings and under the guidance of this witchcraft thought and is deeply rooted in people's minds. In the process of labor practice, primitive humans gradually developed a hazy and mysterious view on some materials in the nature that are closely related to their lives, such as plant fruits, seeds, animal feathers, teeth, bones and stone (jade) materials. They even regarded them as objects of worship in their witchcraft activities and endowed them with mysterious power
    for example, they hang the fruits or seeds of plants on the mother's body to pray for children; Wear the fur, teeth and bones of hunting animals on their bodies to achieve the success of hunting and their own safety; The worship of stone (jade) materials is derived from the deep feelings of primitive people for stone tools. Among them, those with slight luster and bright colors are regarded as gifts from a mysterious master in their minds. They are more careful to collect and protect them. In the process, the connotation of this natural worship is gradually enriched. The original enlightenment idea of Chinese jade culture is derived from this. In various cultures of the stone age in China, jade has always been regarded as a kind of natural worship with rich spirituality and widely used in witchcraft ceremonies. It is also carried by prehistoric people. On the one hand, it is used as a decoration to beautify themselves, and on the other hand, it is used as a mascot to avoid evil and disasters and turn bad into good. In the ancient Western civilization, colored gems have been familiar for a long time. In the process of being familiar with and using them, they are also endowed with some mysterious religious power. The ancient Babylonian state offered emeralds to the goddess statue 6000 years ago to pray for some mysterious power. The sea blue gems are regarded as the essence of the sea water to pray for the sea god to protect the safety of navigation or fishing.

  2. Jewelry design creativity originated from the time when people used pearls as decorations

    Jewelry: Jewelry refers to the raw materials and semi-finished products of jewelry, jade and precious metals, as well as the wearing ornaments, craft ornaments and art collections made of the raw materials and semi-finished products of jewelry, jade and precious metals. After a few short years, China's jewelry market has jumped from only 1% of the world's total in previous years to the top of the world, second only to the United States and Japan
    Design: design is an activity process that conveys a plan, plan and imagination in the form of vision. Human beings transform the world through labor, create civilization, create material wealth and spiritual wealth, and the most basic and main creative activity is creation. Design is the pre planning of creation activities. The planning technology and planning process of any creation activity can be understood as design. Design should have flexible ideas, and we should be good at imagination. Basic skills of designers

    creativity: (create new ideas), when used as a noun, refers to creative ideas, ideas, etc. When used as a verb, it means to put forward a creative idea, idea, etc. Creativity can also be said to be a way of thinking. New ideas create different products. Creativity is the traditional rebellion, the philosophy of breaking the Convention, the cycle of creation and destruction, the collision of thinking, the docking of wisdom, and the ideas with novelty and creativity. In Lun Heng · Chao Qi, Wang Chong of the Han Dynasty mentioned that "Confucius got the historical records to write the spring and Autumn Annals, and his creative ideas of establishing righteousness. He praised, criticized, praised and punished them, and no longer was he a reporter of history. His thoughts came out of his mind."

  3. Originated from your own mind, you can generate good inspiration and creativity by watching and paying more attention to the trends in jewelry design. You can go to 51 jewelry design website to have a look. Many jewelry style maps and professional magazines can help you find inspiration!

  4. We should pay more attention to everything around us and learn more about every detail. Let me tell you, I read in the British encyclopedia that young's designs are all originated from life. Some are broken beer bottles and some are from garbage. But after careful carving, it is a work of art. That's why isabain is so famous and attracts so many people. In fact, it is very simple. Pay attention to every detail around you. In fact, you will find that there are really too many things in life that can be designed into jewelry.

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