Does gold jewelry have the function of maintaining value?

As the title goes, the old people all say so, so I also bought a lot of gold jewelry. But if I really have no money to spend one day, how should I realize it? Do banks or regular units accept gold now? What is the difference between the price of gold and the market price at that time?

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  1. It has the function of keeping value, but the function of keeping value of gold jewelry is weak

    gold jewelry is often not conducive to value preservation and appreciation due to the high process cost. It is difficult for the price of thousands of gold to rise higher than the process cost of gold jewelry in the short term. Gold bars are better than gold bars in maintaining the value of gold

    gold jewelry does not belong to the category of investment varieties. Although the raw material is gold, it is actually a commodity. Therefore, it must follow the law of value, thus adding social labor value, that is, the process cost of jewelry

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    related applicability of gold value preservation:

    1. For pure investment, you can directly purchase investment gold bars of various banks' own brands. Generally, the price and recovery price are not much different from the gold price on the day, which is more conducive to value preservation. However, the collection gold bars or art gold bars with relatively high industrial and technical fees are not conducive to value preservation because of their high price

    2. If you need to save it for collection or gift to relatives and friends, you can choose theme products, such as blessing, zodiac, wedding and other products, and even products closely related to life, such as gold bowls, chopsticks, cups, combs, pots and bottles. Generally speaking, in addition to invoices and identification certificates, gold collections are also provided with collection certificates and product numbers

    reference source: - gold jewelry is difficult to maintain and increase value after realization, which is a loss making transaction

  2. It has the function of maintaining value, but the effect is not obvious
    1. The processing fee and tax fee of gold jewelry are relatively high. The price of gold jewelry purchased by investors is generally a certain proportion of premium on the basis of the price of gold raw materials, while the repurchase price of gold jewelry is usually a certain proportion of discount on the basis of the price of gold raw materials. Therefore, even if the price of gold jewelry rises during the holding period, the effect of gold jewelry on maintaining and appreciating is not obvious
    2, gold jewelry is best used for consumption, and investors should not use it as the main way of gold investment. The pricing system of ordinary gold bars and gold coins is basically in line with the price of international gold raw materials in real time, which is more suitable for public investment. However, investors need to comprehensively consider product quality, repurchase channel and other issues when purchasing.

  3. The ornaments we buy are not used to maintain value, because there are also production costs, manual costs, and so on
    at present, the gold price in the market is about 220 yuan per gram, but the gold price in the futures trading market is about 180 yuan per gram

    there is a definition in the capital: gold and silver are inherently money

    gold and silver are the oldest and most constant monetary units of measurement. The ancient saying often says that gold in the prosperous times is antique and gold in the troubled times

    if you really want to use gold to resist the current inflation and zero interest rate era, you can choose to buy the physical gold financial management business launched by the bank, or buy the convertible and negotiable physical gold bars certified by the central bank at the gold counter

    if you want to buy jewelry and feel "value for money" from the fluctuation of the selling price of gold per gram, I suggest selling when the retail price of gold per gram approaches 190 yuan in April next year, which should be the bottom price of these three to five years

    another point is why I recommend you to buy bank physical gold. The reason is that it has circulating and convertible bank physical gold, which can be easily realized when you want to convert it into currency. But if you reserve jewelry gold and want to realize it, you can only go to the pawn shop at present. The pawn price there should not make you any profit

    I wish you more money

  4. The standard for judging whether the gold jewelry keeps its value: the value discount rate between the purchase price and the recovered cash price is not more than 12.5%, which can be called as the value preserving jewelry. The smaller the value loss rate of gold jewelry, the more it will maintain its value
    an example of calculation method: on May 27, 2022, the gold price in Shanghai was 400 yuan / g, and the purchase price of a brand's thousand gold AU999 gold jewelry was 400 43 = 443 yuan / g (including labor costs). On the same day, the market recovery price of AU999 gold was 400-11 = 389 yuan / g, then the value loss rate of the gold jewelry = (443-389) / 443 = 12.2% If it is full gold jewelry, the gold content is au990, and the recovery price is generally 400-20 yuan = 380 yuan / g. If the full gold jewelry has a loose buckle, the gold content of the buckle is low, generally au900, so the market recovery price is low. The recovery price of 18K gold is generally about 400-130 yuan / g. the lower the recovery price, the greater the value loss rate
    there are many gold recyclers in the market, both formal and informal. They need to learn to identify, but banks do not recycle gold. The recovery price of gold jewelry has nothing to do with the brand and technology. It is only 100% proportional to the three factors of gold content, gram weight and Shanghai gold price. Shanghai gold price refers to the market gold price of Shanghai gold exchange, which is consistent with the international gold price, but is different from the listed gold price of gold stores. Generally, the listed gold price of gold stores = Shanghai gold price 110 yuan / g, and then the labor cost is 10-90 yuan / g. Once the gold content of gold jewelry is determined, the recovery price is determined. The higher the selling price, the greater the value loss rate. The value loss rate of many gold jewelry is as high as 70% or more, and it is not worth preserving. Because most gold stores have high rent, many employees, more advertisements and more profits, the price has been pushed up
    whether gold jewelry can maintain its value. When buying gold jewelry of any brand, you should first recheck the gold content and gram weight, and then calculate the value discount rate of the purchase realization to determine the value preservation rate. Only a few brands of gold jewelry can achieve: real gold, low cost, real value preservation. This requires eye recognition.

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