3 thoughts on “What are the inexpensive, practical and novel activity gifts?”

  1. The purpose of the company's promotional activities to send small gifts is to improve the company's popularity and attract the public's attention. Therefore, it is suggested to choose some relatively novel or customized small gifts. On the one hand, such small gifts are easy to catch people's curiosity and win good feelings; On the other hand, the company's culture can be properly integrated into the gifts, thus playing an unexpected publicity effect

    1. Creative gifts: small gifts for the company's promotional activities must be attractive. Creative gifts are one of the most popular gifts at present and are popular with the public, so they are worth trying. In addition, these creative gifts are generally accepted for mass customization, and the company logo printed on them is not the best promotional material

    2. Novelty gifts: novelty gifts are similar to creative gifts. People may rarely see such things, so they are more attractive. It is suggested to choose novel and practical small gifts, such as coffee cups that can automatically stir coffee, crazy alarm clocks that can run, and cartoon figures that can automatically squeeze toothpaste. All these can make the public feel the intention of your company and are relatively sincere promotional gifts

    3. Daily necessities: in fact, most people are more practical. Practical small gifts for the company's promotional activities are also one of the choices worth considering. After all, such things can be used by everyone and will play an imperceptible role in publicity. For example, key chains, small combs, USB drives and so on can be used. Moreover, these things also have creative lettering. Engraving the company logo is a perfect promotional gift.

  2. If the other party has the same gift, or doesn't like it at all, it will bring embarrassment to both parties. And if the time, place and way you choose to give gifts make the other party feel troublesome or inconvenient, it can only screw up the relationship. I think we should pay more attention to giving gifts, especially to leaders and customers. First of all, it is definitely not appropriate to send it to the other party's home. The other party is not necessarily willing to disclose his home address and make an appointment. I believe the other party will also find it difficult. In fact, many people now use tools such as wechat applet to send gifts. I used a small program called "gift giving artifact" to send gifts to a group of customers before. It's very convenient. It's similar to sending a red envelope through wechat. That is, the gift is generated into a gift card. The customer clicks to receive the gift and enters the receiving address himself before the delivery. If the customer refuses to receive the gift, it will be refunded in full within 24 hours, The main thing is to avoid the possible embarrassment between the two sides and to avoid wasting money
    it's true that gift giving has always been a matter for people to pull up their hair. Master gift giving will certainly consider that, on the premise of avoiding embarrassment of both parties, the other party can accept their wishes without hesitation. In fact, everyone can become a master gift giver by using convenient tools.

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