Advanced Mobility Solutions: The LDM25-364 Series 800-1000W Brushless Electric Transaxles

The LDM25-364 Series offers 800-1000W brushless electric transaxles designed for medium-duty electric vehicles. These units boast up to 45 Nm of torque and speeds of 30 km/h, making them ideal for personal mobility devices and light commercial vehicles, ensuring efficient and quiet operation.


The LDM25-364 series of brushless electric transaxles is at the forefront of vehicle drive technology, offering power ratings between 800W and 1000W. Designed for versatile applications in the electric mobility sector, these transaxles provide an ideal blend of efficiency, power, and reliability.

Product Overview

The LDM25-364 transaxles are built with high-efficiency brushless motors, ensuring enhanced performance and longer lifespan compared to brushed alternatives. These units are tailored for medium-duty electric vehicles, including personal mobility devices, light commercial vehicles, and specialized automation machinery.


Specification Detail
Motor Type Brushless DC Motor
Power Output 800W, 1000W
Operating Voltage 48V DC
Maximum Speed Up to 30 km/h
Torque Up to 45 Nm
Efficiency Approximately 88%
Cooling System Passive air cooling
Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 460mm x 230mm x 200mm
Application Suitability Personal mobility devices, light commercial vehicles, automation equipment

Key Advantages

  • Optimal Power Range: Available in 800W and 1000W versions to cater to different power needs and applications.
  • High Efficiency: Brushless motors provide greater efficiency and require less maintenance, translating to lower operating costs.
  • Durability and Reliability: Engineered to withstand rigorous use with minimal maintenance required.
  • Quiet Operation: Brushless motors are notably quieter, making them ideal for indoor and residential applications.

Design and Performance Superiority

The robust design of the LDM25-364 transaxles incorporates advanced magnetic technologies that maximize power output while maintaining efficiency. Their compact and lightweight nature allows for easy integration into various vehicle designs without compromising on performance. The passive cooling system ensures that the transaxle operates at optimal temperatures, further enhancing durability and performance longevity.


These transaxles are exceptionally suited for:

  • Personal Mobility Devices: Enhancing the range and performance of electric scooters, wheelchairs, and golf carts.
  • Light Commercial Vehicles: Ideal for delivery scooters and small cargo EVs that require reliable and efficient operation.
  • Automation Equipment: Providing precise and powerful drive capabilities for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in industrial settings.

While the LDM25-364 series is packed with features, it may not be the best fit for applications requiring extremely high torque or very heavy-duty usage. However, for applications within its power range, it offers unmatched efficiency and reliability.

In conclusion, the LDM25-364 brushless electric transaxles redefine what's possible in electric mobility, combining state-of-the-art brushless technology with practical design considerations to deliver superior performance for a wide range of applications. This series is poised to become a preferred choice for manufacturers seeking to enhance the capabilities and extend the lifespan of their electric vehicles.


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