2500W D/C brushed drive axle


The 2500W D/C brushed drive axle is a high-powered component designed for heavy-loaded transportation equipment. It offers superior performance with high torque at low speeds, ensures energy efficiency, and boasts features like wear-resistant gears for durability and reduced noise levels for quieter operation.


The electric drive axle represents a cutting-edge evolution in the realm of transportation equipment, serving as a powerful cornerstone in heavy-duty vehicles. Designed with precision and tailored for heavy loaded transportation equipment, the 2500W D/C brushed drive axle isn't just about power – it's also about efficiency, sustainability, and durability.

Technical Specifications

Feature Specification
Power 2500W
Type D/C Brushed
Application Specialized for heavy loaded equipment
Noise Level Lower than industry average
Gear Wear-resistant
Service Life Extended longevity
Performance High torque, Low speed
Energy Efficiency High (Energy Saver)

2500W D/C brushed drive axle

Manufacturing Features

  • Wear-Resistant Gear: Crafted with top-grade materials and advanced engineering, the wear-resistant gear ensures smooth operation even under challenging conditions, leading to reduced maintenance costs.
  • Lower Noise Emission: Silence is golden, especially in urban environments. The design significantly reduces the noise level, making for a quieter and more environment-friendly operation.
  • Longer Service Life: Every part of the drive axle is built to last. The superior materials and refined manufacturing process guarantee an extended service lifespan, offering an unparalleled return on investment.

Performance Advantages

  1. High Torque, Low Speed: Mastering the balance between power and control, the electric drive axle provides robust force without compromising on operational control, making it suitable for various challenging terrains and heavy-duty tasks.
  2. Energy-Efficient: In an age where energy conservation is pivotal, this drive axle shines. Not only does it deliver unparalleled power, but it also conserves energy, ensuring reduced operational costs and a smaller carbon footprint.


The 2500W D/C brushed drive axle is a versatile powerhouse. While it's tailored for heavy loaded transportation equipment, its range of applications is vast:

  • Freight Trucks: Ensuring goods are transported safely, efficiently, and economically.
  • Construction Vehicles: Offering the needed force to carry heavy materials and support construction operations.
  • Agricultural Machinery: Powering tractors and other heavy-duty machinery to optimize farm operations.
  • Industrial Equipment: From forklifts to heavy loaders, this axle is the heart of many industrial vehicles.

Rotontek understands the evolving needs of the transportation industry. As pioneers in the field, we've designed the electric drive axle to cater to the most demanding scenarios, ensuring performance, durability, and efficiency are at the forefront. With Rotontek, you're not just choosing a product; you're choosing a legacy of excellence.


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