• Through big data observation, we can find that parents in today's society attach more and more attention to their children's early education, because through the survey, it is found that the educational expenditure of parents in Chinese preschool children every year is as high as 26%. It is only 3%of the difference. You must know that the tuition and living expenses of college children account for a large part. On average, it is 35,000 to say less than one month. So why are parents willing to spend so much money for early child education?

    It this is mainly because the child's early education will determine the future development of the child. According to Harvard's research, the early education and experience of children will have a proportion of influence on the future of 80 up to 80 %, Especially the first seven -year birth of children, is a critical period for cultivating more aspects of ability and habits. Therefore, it is also called "Gold 7 Years", but there are still many parents who do not know, so they have missed it.

    "Gold 7 Years" in the life of children's life n, one or 1 year old to build a sense of security
    For one -year -old child, after this year's development The child's cognitive ability and action ability have been improved, but it is precise I do n’t know the danger of this world at all, it is easy to accidentally receive irreversible trauma by accident.

    . Therefore, for 1 -year -old children, parents must not be taken lightly. They must be with the child as much as possible to protect their children. With the child, children are not only prone to danger, but also psychologically branding the root cause, making the child lack a sense of security.

    lack of security can easily affect the child's future personality. Therefore, parents must help children build a sense of security during the age of 1 year, to accompany the child, protect the child, and protect the child. Let children feel the care of parents.

    . The ability to exercise language expression in the age of 2 and 2 years old
    Since the 2 -year -old child has entered the critical period of language expression ability, at this time, the child will gradually learn to speak, and he is with his parents In the process of communication, establish your own thesaurus. The more the parents talk to the child, the stronger the language expression ability of the child will become stronger.

    Is that after the language expression ability is improved, the child can better express his own needs. There will be a lot of improvement.

    three or 3 years old to improve imagination
    When the child is 3 years old, he actually has self -awareness. At this time Imagine the animation or movie plot, such as imagining yourself as a superman, saying that you can fly, etc. These are not the children's lies, but a cognitive error caused by the child's imagination.

    imagination can be said to be a child unique to the child. Generally, it will gradually be strangled by the examination education in the process of growth. Children's imagination. For children's fantasies, parents should not be broken immediately, as long as they do not affect normal life, they can be allowed to exist.

    four or 4 years old to develop brain development
    When the child is 4 years old, the brain is already entering the peak period of development. At this time, the child's brain's development curve will rise directly. At this time, the child's brain's ability will be greatly improved, and it is also the time when the ability and ability to learn and accept.

    If you can develop left and right brain development during this period, the child's brain will become more flexible. At the same time Essence

    five or 5 years old rules
    For children, 5 years old have reached a critical period of the rules. It is difficult to have rules in the eyes. When young, parents may use a child and child to explain the behavior of the children's non -observance of the rules, but when they grow up, they cannot. There will be a lot of trouble, so we have to set rules for children from an early age.

    The rules can not only make parents worry less, but also cultivate children's regular consciousness, make children more sensible, understand parents, do not indulge in children because they are doting. It will hurt the child.
    If 6, 6 years old cultivation
    The concentration is one of the important abilities of children. Whether it is learning or work, good concentration can allow children to learn more at the same time. Or complete more work.

    . 6 years old is the most critical period for children to cultivate. Whether it is for the child to adapt to the environment faster after going to elementary school We all have to cultivate the concentration of children at this time.

    7. IQ
    7 years old who trains children in the age of 7. For most children, they have officially entered the learning stage. For children at this time It is indispensable. IQ is the IQ we often say. Like some "learning hegers", almost all of them have super high IQ. If there is no professional IQ training, it is difficult for children to work hard alone.

    I IQ training is a way to improve IQ through some puzzle games. Because puzzle games are very comprehensive, it will help children's IQ improvement, especially It is more important for children who have officially entered the learning stage at the age of 7.

  • Children's life is 7 years old. During this time, the formation of children's basic education is formed. Children's preliminary views and cognitions of the world are established during this time. At that time, parents were in the stage of fighting for a better life in the future, and it was easy to ignore the education of children.

  • Because parents do not pay attention to this matter, they feel that their children should grow according to their requirements.

  • Because parents only pay attention to their children's health, they do not pay attention to how to cultivate children. They should cultivate their children's sense of security. At the age of 2, they cultivate children's communication skills, 3 years old to cultivate children's imagination, 4 years old to cultivate children's creativity, 5 years old to give them to the child. Children set rules, cultivate children at the age of 6, and cultivate children's brains at the age of 7.

  • Children’s gold is 7 years old, which is very important when the process of being born until the age of 7 is very important. It is necessary to cultivate the child’s IQ and intelligence. After growing up, the child is particularly interesting. Pay attention to things too much.

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