• 1. First prepare a piece of A4 paper, fold the A4 paper once, and fold it again, as in the picture.
    2, the folded small four -sided paper is opened, similar to the triangle, the tip is facing itself. Note that the two creases are aligned.
    3, turn the folded paper over and support the rectangle on the left, similar to the triangle.
    4, fold the upper layer to the left, and fold the bottom layer to the right.
    5, the left and right lines of the upper layer are in the middle, and the middle line is reunited.
    6, turn over, the side line gathers the middle line to re -meet.
    7. Fold the edge of the gathering back to back, and the two lines are over.
    8, the crease along the above, turn the upper layer down.
    9. Continue to turn over and turn the upper layer.
    10, insert the four small triangles that are turned down to the four big triangles below to compact.
    11, stand up to the corner of your own.
    12, the end of the paper folding box is done.

  • Preparation materials: square color paper
    1. Prepare a piece of square color paper,

    2, first fold the two sides of the square color paper.

    3. Continue to fold the edges on both sides towards the midline,

    4, then put the color paper upside down, and align the bottom side of the first crease.

    5, and then operate the other side of the same side,

    6. Then open it, and then fold the four corners inward.

    7, after turning the color paper,
    8, the bottom Fold the two edges towards the middle.

    9, and then fold the inside edge separately,
    10, then divide the corners of the newly folded side.

    11, after all folding,

    12, another other Follow the same steps on the side.

    13, and then turning the color paper over,

    14, putting it Fold the two edges up and down inward,

    15, next, fold the side of the two ends according to the crease, R n

    16, creases.

    17, erected the middle edge, and folded the creases inward as shown in the figure below. On the other side, we also operate the same.

    18, then fold the above, and then fold the bottom. Put the bottom into the bottom of the top and fold it.

    19, the beautiful gift box is folded like this, which can be used to install things.

  • Prepare materials/tools: a rectangular paper.
    It step 1: Take a piece of rectangular paper for half a discount twice.
    It step back 2: Pull the right to answer the middle line in the direction of the arrow.
    S step three: That's it, and then the other side is the same.
    Step 4: This is the other side.
    Step 5: Fold on the direction of the arrow, and on the other side.
    Step 6: Press the direction of the arrow, fold to the middle line, and the same operation on the right.
    Step 7: This is the same on the left and right sides, and the other side is the same.
    Step 8: This is the case on both sides.
    Step 9: Fold it up in the direction of the arrow, and the other side is the same.
    Step 10: This is the case after folding on both sides.
    Step Ten Questions: In the direction of the arrow, the same operation is also operated on the left, and on the other side, the same operation.
    Step 12: The paper trash box is ready, and we open it.
    Step thirteen: The production is completed.

  • 1. Take out a piece of square paper, fold the small edges on both sides, and flatten it.
    2, fold it, fold the side, and the other side.
    3, where the pencil shows one side to the lower side, as shown in the figure.
    4. Fold the corners below and stuff it inside, as well as the other side, as shown in the figure.
    5, finally hold it up, open it in the middle, and organize it. The small box shown in the figure is ready.

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