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  • Brand store.
    The general purchase of gold jewelry will choose a brand store to buy, because no one will buy gold to buy a small gold shop, because if you want to buy a sufficient gold, you buy K gold. The difference between the two. So you will buy it in a brand store. If your gold jewelry is damaged, you can find the store you bought for maintenance. Generally, there will be a 1-3 years of warranty. Maintenance. Even if the warranty period is over, it can be repaired by adding money. Compared with others, buying stores for maintenance is safer.
    The maintenance shop with good reputation.
    If you want to find jewelry repair shops, you do n’t know where you go, you can understand it on the Internet through word of mouth. Generally speaking, the worse reputation shops represent the difference, because people generally do n’t like to comment and repair, repair and repair If you are good, you will not give praise, but if you have poor maintenance, you will definitely give bad reviews. Generally speaking, a lot of people can not believe it, but those who have a lot of bad reviews must be believed.
    Sold next to jewelry.
    The next to the jewelry refers to the area around a number of jewelry, it is like Shenzhen Waterbei who must have a lot of jewelry repair shops, because water shellfish is a area where Shenzhen specializes in jewelry. If you want to find a special jewelry repair shop, , Find in Shui Bei, be sure to find it. You can understand where your area is specializing in jewelry. Those who can open jewelry repair shops around you have a certain strength. If there is no strength, the reputation around will be gone directly, and you will not be able to open it slowly.

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