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  1. 1. Jewelry Jade Stone Quality Inspector Qualification Certificate (CGC)
    The test system for Jewelry and Jade Quality Inspector is implemented in 1997. The state has registered for the qualifications of quality inspectors. The certificate is one of the main basis for its key positions in the jewelry and jade quality inspection agency and independently implementing jewelry and jade quality inspection business in accordance with the law.
    The ones: those who are engaged in or preparing to engage in jewelry and jade quality inspection work.
    The test content: Including the basic theory of gemstones and relevant laws and regulations, gemstone professional knowledge, gem identification, diamond appraisal and classification subjects. Among them, the first two subjects are the theoretical exams and closed the written test; the latter two subjects are a practical test, and candidates need to use the instrument to operate the actual operation.
    The certificate of certification: the Ministry of Personnel and the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine.
    2. Jewelry appraiser Qualification Certificate (CPVG)
    The professional subject examination system (hereinafter referred to as registered jewelery appraisers) At present, the exam is held every two years. This qualification is a practice qualification for jewelry artwork evaluation.
    Puctable objects: appraisers engaged in jewelry, pawn, auction, insurance and other industries, and obtained jewelry evaluation related majors (including geological and economic) specialized degrees.
    The test content: including asset evaluation, economic law, jewelry appraisal classification, jewelry assessment theory and method, and jewelry evaluation case analysis. Among them, jewelry appraisal and grading are the qualification examination subjects of jewelry and jade quality inspectors. Those who have obtained the corresponding practice qualifications can be exempted from the corresponding subjects.
    The certificate of certificate: Ministry of Personnel and Ministry of Finance.
    3. Member Qualification Certificate (FGA) of the British Gem Association
    FGA is the gem appraiser qualification certificate of the British Gem Society (GEMA). The association was founded in 1908 and enjoys a prestigious international internationally. The FGA certificate was introduced in China in 1988 and adopted a full Chinese teaching method. There are examination centers in Beijing, Guangzhou, Guilin, Shanghai, and Wuhan.
    Puctable objects: practitioners with related professional backgrounds or personnel who are preparing to engage in the industry.
    Certificate Classification: The Qualification Certificate of the British Gem Association can be divided into basic certificates, gem certificates (can be obtained FGAs of the association), gem diamond certificate courses (can obtain diamond membership DGA), and diamond practice certificates. Among them, the gem certificate FGA is the most popular jewelry appraiser qualification certification in my country.
    The test content: involving the nature of gems, forming and emergence; the structure and attributes of gems; the color and optical properties of gems; optical attributes for gem detection; electromagnetic wave spectrum for gem detection; visible spectrum and optical mirror mirror ; Non -optical properties and testing techniques; magnifying the mirror technology, internal and external characteristics; gemstones processing; artificial, synthesis and imitation gemstones; gems and processing methods after processing; introduction of inorganic gemstones; introduction of organic gemstones.
    Ifouring department: British Gem Association.
    4. Qualification Certificate (GIA)
    S. American Gem Institute (GIA) was founded in 1931. It is now the world's largest gem research and education non -profit institution. The global recognized diamond grading system is founded by it. GIA's main certificate is Graate Diploma (G.G.). This diploma has been regarded as the most prestigious academic qualification certification by the industry, and practitioners who have obtained the title of G.G. are recognized as senior professionals in the jewelry industry worldwide. Suitable for objects: employees with related professional backgrounds or those who are going to engage in the industry.
    Certificate Classification: GIA Study Gem Scholar Diploma (G.G) and Professional Jewelry Family (A.J.P).
    The test content: involving diamond appraisal standards and knowledge, gemstone synthesis and processing technology, precise identification of gems, and using standard color system assessment diamond grades.
    The certificate of certification: American Gem Academy.
    5. Diamond inspector qualification certificate. This certificate is the qualification certificate for jewelry and jewelry inspection practitioners. The purpose is to provide practical opportunities for students and cultivate their ability to identify and classify diamond finished products.
    Puctable objects: personnel who are engaged in the quality of diamond quality and personnel who are interested in related occupations in the quality of the enterprise and inspection and consultation technology institutions.
    Certificate classification: intermediate and senior.
    The test content: involved the basic knowledge, accessories and quality requirements, commonly used gem instruments, common gem testing methods, common gemstone basic nature, use operation operation operation operation, diamond basic knowledge diamond test Common instruments and use, diamond quality classification operation, diamond grading standard content.
    Ifouring departments: Ministry of Labor and Social Security.
    6. Jewelry jewelry salesperson qualification certificate
    According to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, jewelry jewelry salesperson is a technical work and implemented the professional qualification certificate system. Therefore, the qualification certificate belongs to the job certificate.
    Puctable objects: Jewelry and jewelry industry salesperson, and personnel who intend to engage in related industries.
    Certificate level: divided into three grades: primary (level 5), medium (level 4), and senior (third level).
    The test content: divided into theoretical knowledge test and skill assessment. Skill operation assessment adopts practical operation, on -site Q

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