5 thoughts on “What kind of earrings do 30-year-old women wear?”

  1. Earrings are very important in our wearing. They are very helpful for shaping our personal style and highlighting our temperament. For 30-year-old women, they can choose a variety of earrings. They can choose a more mature and stable style, which is suitable for our workplace. They can also choose a slightly playful and younger one, change their style in their spare time, or choose a more foreign style, which is more versatile I recommend pearl earrings, which are delicate and gentle. The earrings of the gemstone and diamond series have a full sense of advanced

    for 30-year-old women, there is a certain pursuit for the quality of jewelry. Ear ornaments with a high sense of quality can also let us show our taste and strength in social occasions I recommend the earrings of the gemstone and diamond series. Such Earrings not only have a high-grade appearance, but also have a tested style. You will not make mistakes in choosing such earrings for example, the classic four leaf clover series earrings are the first choice of many women

    pearl elements are enduring and can make girls' temperament appear gentle and lady. I personally like pearl earrings very much moreover, there are many shapes and designs that can be selected for pearl earrings. The shape of a single pearl can make our style look simple and advanced, and it can be shaped into flowers, butterflies and other patterns to look beautiful. I think that 30-year-old women choose pearl earrings with both temperament and durability

    I also highly recommend Tassel Earrings, which can give us a sense of flow visually and can play a role in modifying the face shape moreover, the Tassel Earrings are gorgeous and suitable for women of this age. For example, the Tassel Earrings with flowers and pearls have a sense of elegance and do not appear vulgar. They are also very convenient when matching clothes. They can easily create a glamorous feeling, and pure color clothes can create an atmosphere. I highly recommend that women start with them. They are light and artistic, which is very rare

  2. Women are thirty years old, farewell to youth, independent and mature. At the age of 30, a woman's life has to be advanced. Besides wearing clothes, she has no more than her taste for jewelry. Can she really advance with your age? What earrings are suitable for a 30-year-old girl

    1 large wavy hair with pearl earrings. If your short hair is dyed and has a big wave shape, it is very good to match with pearl earrings. Then put one side of your hair down and the other side behind your ears to expose the Pearl Earrings. The effect is very good
    2 large ears with large earrings. If your short hair is very short and capable, you can choose bold earrings, which are various styles. For example, the feather earrings in the picture are bold in color and shape. They are very suitable for women with short hair and capable, and have a special atmosphere
    3 shawl short hair with Floral Earrings. If your hair is not very short, if you have short hair with shoulders and shoulders, you can choose a larger flower shaped earring, and the overall effect is very good. Flower shaped earrings can be selected from various monochrome colors, and the matching effect is very good
    4 short black hair with pearl earrings. If the hair is short as shown in the figure, it can also be matched with a simple pearl earring. The effect is also very good, and you can only hang one earring on one side and put down the hair on the other side. The effect is also very good
    5 with pearl earrings. Some pearl earrings are made with distinctive features. They will be matched with some small decorations, and the whole earring will be larger. This is a human band with short hair, and the hair can be half tied, so the effect will be better
    6 triangular pearl earrings. Many short hair shawls can only show one side of the ear, so it can only hang earrings on one side. The short hair of the shawl can also choose triangular pearl earrings. The earrings will be relatively large as a whole, which can naturally droop and is also very beautiful
    women 30 should have more vision and judgment. Women's money should be spent where it is really valuable. Inferior powder crystals, which have no pain or itch and can lower the psychological age, are better to choose Earrings suitable for them.

  3. 30-year-old women will look better when wearing earrings with pearl elements. Because earrings with pearl elements can enhance the temperament of the whole person.

  4. Wearing a kind of Tassel Earrings is very beautiful, because such earrings are relatively high-grade, and appear to have a better face shape, which can appropriately elongate the face shape.

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