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  1. In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, all kinds of jewelry are more and more popular. Elegant and appropriate clothing, if combined with personalized accessories, will make you add infinite charm. However, if you want to make jewelry more beautiful in clothing matching, you need to pay attention to many details. First, the wearing of jewelry should follow the relevant traditions and customs. Secondly, it is OK not to wear jewelry in social occasions. If you wear jewelry, you should not wear shoddy products. It is better not to rely on the jewelry you wear to be innovative. If worn, the total number should not exceed three. In addition, on general occasions, women can wear all kinds of jewelry, while men only wear wedding rings. The more formal the occasion, the less jewelry a man should wear

    etiquette of wearing a ring

    when buying a ring, you must choose a ring that matches the shape of your finger and the color of your skin. Those with fleshy fingers are suitable for wearing rings with no patterns such as large butterflies or gemstones. For those with short fingers, it is most appropriate to wear a ring that is not too thick. For those with too long fingers, one ring with a pattern or two overlapping rings can be worn. If the skin on the back of the hand is brown, wearing a gold ring has a sense of elegance and appears more harmonious; If the color of the back of the hand is black, you can choose dark brown or black gemstone ring. Rings are usually worn on the left hand, and no more than two rings are allowed, but contemporary people can also wear them on the right hand. However, it should be noted that if you wear two rings, you should wear them on your left hand or symmetrically

    etiquette of wearing necklaces

    necklaces are ring-shaped jewelry worn on the neck. They can be used by both men and women. They are important jewelry with a long wearing time and a wide range. There are many kinds of necklaces. However, the necklace worn by men should not be exposed and should not be more than one, but a long necklace can be folded into several circles for wearing. When wearing a necklace, it should be coordinated with the clothing, neck and skin color. In summer, because of thin clothes, it is very beautiful to wear gold, silver and jewelry necklaces. Light colored sweaters should wear dark or colorful gemstone necklaces; Dark sweater can be matched with Amethyst or red agate necklace. The thickness of the necklace should be proportional to the thickness of the neck. People with thicker necks should choose thinner necklaces, while people with thinner necks should choose thicker necklaces. According to the length, necklaces can be divided into four types. One is a short necklace, which is suitable for matching with a low neckline. Second, the medium and long necklaces can be widely used. The third is a long necklace, which is suitable for women to use in social occasions. The fourth is a long necklace, which is suitable for women to wear in grand social occasions

    etiquette of wearing bracelets and bracelets

    bracelets are women's ornaments, which are favored by modern women because of their beauty and delicacy. Wearing bracelets and bracelets is very elegant. Under normal circumstances, only one bracelet should be worn and should be worn on the left hand. It is generally inappropriate to wear multiple bracelets on one hand, bracelets on both hands or bracelets and bracelets at the same time. In some places, the number and position of bracelets and bracelets worn can be used to indicate whether or not they are married. The bracelet is worn on the right arm, indicating that the wearer is free and unconstrained; If it is worn on the left arm, it indicates that it is married. Generally speaking, bracelets and bracelets should not be worn on the same hand as watches. If you wear bracelets, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry, you can generally omit the necklace, or only wear a short necklace, so as to avoid the visual repetition of the three and affect the beauty

    etiquette of wearing earrings

    earrings, also known as earrings, are special ornaments of female earlobes, with a wide variety. In general, it is only used by women, and it is used in pairs, that is, one ear is worn for each ear. It is not advisable to wear multiple earrings on one ear at the same time. In foreign countries, men also wear earrings, but it is customary to wear only the left ear and not the right ear; People who wear both ears will be considered homosexual

    wearing earrings depends on the shape of your face. Because we can change the contour of the face by comparing the length of the earrings according to the principle of human vision. Round face is suitable for wearing earrings. Long face type should wear large earrings, ear type or short earrings. Square face can choose heart-shaped, oval, flower shaped ear ring. Triangular face can wear star shaped earrings. In addition, women with long straight hair styles are suitable for wearing long chain earrings; Women with braided hair should wear dangling diamond earrings. Wearing earrings should be coordinated with the style, fabric and color of clothing. Silk, light satin and other lightweight fabrics should be matched with expensive and delicate earrings, but they can be casually matched with travel clothing, leisure clothing and sports clothing

    the etiquette of wearing brooches and brooches

    the brooches can be pinned on the chest, the neckline, the lapel, etc. The brooch style should be coordinated with the face shape. The long face should wear a round brooch; Round face type should be equipped with rectangular brooch; If it is a square face, it is suitable to use a round brooch

    there are certain requirements for the wearing of brooches, which should be selected according to the color, fabric and style of clothing. White dress with sky blue or turquoise brooches, forming a cool and harmonious beauty; The red dress is matched with yellow and natural color brooches to form a harmonious beauty of warmth

    other issues needing attention

    the wearing of jewelry should be coordinated with the wearing, and the role of jewelry as a foil to clothing should be given full play. Jewelry should also consider the age, skin color, figure, identity and other characteristics of individuals. People with short stature should not wear too much jewelry. They can use one or two kinds of ornaments. Fat people should not wear small jewelry. Don't wear too many headwear for those with big heads. People with long necks should wear necklaces, while those with short necks should only wear a single string of metal necklaces, or wear dazzling brooches on the chest without necklaces to divert people's attention

    from the perspective of clothing, brightly colored clothing is suitable for matching with elegant jewelry, and dark monochrome clothing is suitable for matching with some bright and exquisite jewelry. Knitted sweaters can be matched with necklaces made of agate, amethyst, tiger stone, etc; When wearing a silk shirt or skirt, it is best to wear a gold necklace. In addition, older women should wear some valuable and exquisite jewelry, and young women should choose fashion jewelry with good quality, good color and fashionable style

    from the perspective of environmental coordination, the occasion and season of wearing jewelry are scored. When working, try not to wear jewelry, and choose simple brooches, earrings, necklaces, etc. When going out to participate in important social activities, you can wear large brooches, necklaces, earrings with pendants and other shiny accessories. Young women can wear bright imitation crafts in summer and some gems, pearls and gold and silver ornaments in winter

    expert advice

    basically, the master of ceremonies, special guests, and awardees in important formal occasions are all qualified to wear brooches. At the wedding, the bridegroom, the best man, the receptionist, the master of ceremonies and the father of the bride all need to wear a brooch. The bridegroom's brooch is usually the main flower in the bride's bouquet, which is one of the elements that should be considered when selecting the bride's bouquet. Traditionally, the bridegroom presents a bouquet of flowers to the bride, and then the bride picks one from the bouquet and puts it on the bridegroom's chest. The flowers of other guests are simple and small. Generally, it is enough to add some matching small flowers of the sky star type to a flower. Don't let the corsage become a bunch of flowers, and the pedicel of the corsage should not be too long. The Brooche is usually pinned on the left collar of the suit coat, but it is not impolite to pin the Brooche on the right collar now. If there is no ready-made buttonhole to put, place the brooch on the collar of the suit, with the pedicel vertically downward, and align it with the position of the shoes

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