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  1. This depends on the schedule of personal learning ability and training courses.
    It still depends on what software is studying, because CNC CNC programming software includes UG, MasterCam, and Powermill
    each software The commands are different, and the time I need to learn is different.
    . My experience is, it takes 3 months for UG, 2 months of MasterCam, Powermill should also take 3 months for 3 months
    Is I can help you

  2. Dingcai Mold CNC programming training Shenzhen professional UG mold design training, UG, CNC programming training
    Coustically set up courses:
    : UG mold design, 2: UG Powermill mold programming, 3: MasterCam UG product parts parts parts Programming, four: UG CAD drawing, ranking
    The knowledge changes destiny, skills achieve the future. Choose a good instructor, and will take a lot of detours to reach the successful Bi'an, first understand, then sign up.
    The choice of our advantages
    : This training is a training course formed by engineers who have many years of actual work experience. The teachers have taught by the masters of the factory for more than 13 years. Not any studio. The studio has no formal qualifications. time is limited. , Choose Dingcai quality is guaranteed, when you are not limited, until you learn until you learn.
    : We are teaching according to their aptitude. Whether you are an office worker or a special time to learn, we can give you the best time and teaching method. Starting from the actual situation of the trainees, the development of quality.
    : The teaching content is mainly practical, and the lectures of the factory are fully operated in accordance with the actual operation of the factory, so that you can master more comprehensive and practical skills in a limited time. This agency also undertakes the business, mold design, programming and other services.
    If you really want to learn technology, please consult, welcome to understand. It is the last word to learn technology and find a job.
    Coustically set up courses; '
    masterCam/UG/CAD Powermill software mold design mold programming, product part programming, hope more mold design, CNC programming enthusiasts can spend less costs in a short period of time Learn more real and practical mold design, CNC programming technology and experience, and less detours that have been traveled by before when you are studying, UG, ProE, CAD, Powermill, MasterCam, Cimatron, Catia, Moldflow software. The tutorial covers basic drawing, products, molds, programming, mechanical, sheet metal, backward, assembly, motion simulation, etc., are really recording different students. You can take it by yourself after you learn it. Don't be afraid to forget
    Course projects and charging standards;

    1, UG drawing powermill disassembling copper public knife road: 6500 [mold programming]
    2, UG drawing mold design disassembly Copper: 7500 [mold design programming]
    3, UG drawing knife road removal of copper public: 5000 [Single UG mold products are the same]
    4, mastercam UG knife road fixture design; 6800 [Product Parts] 5.powermil Sword Road [The same mold products] Two types of training methods;
    1 to learn while working;
    we will do homework to the students every day, and the students will complete the homework. Send it back to us. After seeing it, we will point out the problems in the homework of the students, and the online remote demonstration to the students to see, or make a video and send it to the students. After the students correct the homework through our guidance Students do, we often record some new videos to see the students. The trainees read the video before practicing by themselves. The video is recorded according to the personal situation of the students. It is a video customization mode. The recording method explains the recording into a video throughout the process and send it to the students to watch.
    2 If there is no basic trainee, we will temporarily customize the entry video according to the basic situation of the trainees to show the students. There are basic model teaching methods with basic trainees.
    . On -site training mode
    This personally went to our site to receive our one -on -one interactive communication training. Our training teacher personally accompanied the teaching on the spot.
    Once the tuition fee is paid, the non -my factors will not be returned! There will never be any costs in the middle!
    Class time: 9 pm; 00-21: 00!
    The application for registration at any time, actual factory mode teaching, one -on -one lessons in hand, you can go to school!
    Welcome everyone to come to consult at any time.
    The knowledge changes destiny and skill achieves the future. Choose a good instructor and take a lot of detours to reach the other side of success. If you really want to learn technology, please call on telephone, welcome to come and understand. It is the last word to learn technology and find a job. I don't need too many advertisements. Letting students find a good job is my goal. All courses do not limit the time. Telephone

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