Do you want to learn CNC operation?

I am a mold professional. Now I want to learn CNC programming. I heard that I have to learn to operate first. However, I saw that there was almost no apprentice to recruit CNC operations. Do you want to train? Which one is better in Shanghai?

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  1. Regardless of whether it is studying in the factory or in the training institution, it is recommended to do CNC operation apprentices first, and then learn the principle of programming before learning; learning in the training institution is not as good as a master in the factory, it is much faster; it is much faster; There are also recommended mold programming, do not learn handboard programming; the former ¥ more

  2. The fuck apprentice Shenzhen is recruited everywhere. I just learn CNC. The apprentices who are looking for from the operation are best to learn what I compiled by the 2 -dimensional map! Buy this book by yourself, now the factory is mainly used by programming software .1 and UG

  3. Khan, in fact, the school can teach you not much,
    is not afraid to start from the processing factory as the fastest to learn
    When you find that simple problems can be solved by yourself!
    slowly experienced the experience,

  4. How is your programming?

    If it must be experienced, you don't have to learn the operation of the fuck, knowing some of the common concepts of processing are old

    It is best to find a small factory or the like, learn and practice by yourself

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