Summary of materials and uses of common building water supply and drainage pipes

Different water supply and drainage systems also have different requirements for materials. Based on past project experience, HDPE pipe fitting suppliers summarized the materials and uses of common pipes for water supply and drainage, as follows:
1. Mechanism cast iron pipe: kitchen drainage riser and horizontal pipe, all outlet pipe (type An interface), municipal water supply pipe;
​cast iron drainpipes are typically divided into three categories, that is, W type unbearing cast iron drainpipes, A type cast iron drainpipes, B type cast iron drainpipes. These three kinds of pipes have excellent seismic performance, strong sealing, easy construction, easy maintenance, reliable use and other advantages, so they are also called seismic cast iron pipes.
W-type cast-iron drainpipe without socket is connected by stainless steel flexible clamp during installation and construction.
Type A cast iron drainage pipes are connected by flexible flanges and sealing rubber rings during installation and construction, with a flange at one end and no flange at the other end, socket flange installation;
​type B cast iron drainpipe integrates the advantages of type W and type A cast iron drainpipes. The straight pipe part adopts type W cast pipe without socket, and the pipe fitting adopts double flange structure. The difference between type A/B mainly lies in the pipe fitting and the interface.
A-machine cast iron drain pipe
2, UPVC pipe: air conditioning room, toilet drainage riser, toilet horizontal pipe, ventilation pipe;
3. ​hot dip galvanized steel pipe: condensate pipe horizontal pipe (preferred);
4, outdoor reinforced concrete pipe or double-wall corrugated HDPE pipe: municipal drainage, sewage pipe system engineering, rainwater drainage;
​hDPE pipe science: double-wall corrugated pipe is a current type of lightweight pipe with elevated density polyethylene as raw material. It has the characteristics of light weight, strong pressure resistance, excellent toughness, quick construction, lengthy life and so on. Its excellent wall structure design considerably reduces the cost compared with other structures of pipe. And because the connection is convenient and reliable, it has been widely used at home and abroad. ​Plenty of replacement concrete pipes and cast iron pipes​
5, welding steel pipe: waste water pressure drainage pipe, elevator pit drainage pipe, air conditioning water supply and return pipe;
6, PE pipe: sewage pressure drainage pipe, urban water supply, municipal gas pipeline.

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