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Barnett: The most important thing is that the doll is the same as the pictures in sexdoll shop. The details are absolutely real. It is better to buy this kind of silicone doll when you buy a doll. Real people pore texture imitation out of this real cattle, with real people having a comparison, this quality is completely worthy of the price, a lot of posture can try, let me the most satisfied or doll face, there is a highly pleasant experience, too real.

cedric: The softness of the body is about the same as that of a real person. The weight of the affordable sex doll is OK. The curves of the body are in line with the structure of the human body. Doll slim thighs wearing a super short miniskirt, show the perfect figure, skin delicate elastic excellent ah, every part is extremely delicate.

The price is actually not costly, and the customer service character is very excellent. If you have any questions, you can solve the problem. I will definitely introduce you to her home if you need a friend.

earl: Yeah, it's fairly great, but if you think about yourself, it's fairly great. Because compared to the other doll I bought before to use more comfortably, maybe this function, because before I bought a few different places but no function, but this function is actually a lot, workmanship is excellent because from the outside looks extremely real, and looks extremely vivid and beautiful.

devin: The imitation is extremely excellent, because this is the first time to buy a physical doll, so I don't know much about it and I am afraid that the goods I receive do not match the description. Before buying, I compared numerous shops and finally chose this one. The appearance looks extremely sexy and the visual sense is extremely strong. It looks exactly like the picture.

Hale: After a long time of comparison, I finally bought this house, holding the mentality of trying, how to say the first feeling, this kind of face shape is extremely delicate, both appearance texture and head are extremely real, wash the head will not lose makeup, as expected, the silicone spray makeup is extremely delicate, the baby has no smell, the material is highly environmentally friendly, bought a pair of shoes and several clothes to dress the baby, the product is actually excellent, I'd like to comment on it.

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