2 thoughts on “What should I do if there is no invoice for recycling gold”

  1. There are precious metal recycling centers. Recycling gold does not require invoices, but it is necessary to deduct some repurchase fees.
    Id the recovery of gold jewelry according to the regulations of the country is clear. Generally, the invoice or jewelry quality assurance card during purchase is legal. The regular gold shops and pawn bank gold recovery are required to buy invoices or small tickets.

  2. Generally speaking, brand gold shops and banks only recover their own brand gold and need to bring invoices. The gold recycling company and pawn banks do not need to request the invoice of gold. Generally, the recycling price of the pawn line is not high, so more people will choose a gold recycling company, with a regular valuation, valuation at international gold prices, there are physical stores, and the process is more standardized.

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