1 thought on “Is there a golden ring in Xinxiang City?”

  1. Xinxiang City has a golden ring.
    The place in Xinxiang City has a golden ring. The detailed address is the specialty of the new township of Lao Fengxiang Xinxiang, the mayor of Xinxiang, and the telephone number is 0373-8858789. Lao Fengxiang, a brand of Shanghai Laofengxiang Co., Ltd., came from the development of Lao Fengxiang Yinlou, which was founded in 1848. The creativity of the trademark "Lao Fengxiang" also stems from the name of Lao Fengxiang Yinlou. It is a classic jewelry brand that crosses China for three centuries. For a long time, Lao Fengxiang has continuously developed and improved on the basis of traditional jewelry such as gold, silver, platinum, platinum, and diamonds, and composes a song of brilliant cultural movements.

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