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  1. I think Lin Feng and Zhang Xinyue are true love. If they are not true love Lin Feng, they will not marry Zhang Xinyue. Now Lin Feng and Zhang Xinyue also have the crystallization of love, and the two are very happy. Many people know the relationship between Lin Feng and Wu Qianyu, so when Lin Feng and Lin Feng and Zhang Xinyue came together, many fans were unacceptable. Some fans often say that Zhang Xinyue is a substitute for Wu Qianyu, but the relationship between Lin Feng and Wu Qianyu has long ended. For Lin Feng, Wu Qianyu is just a ex -girlfriend. Zhang Xinyue is now Lin Feng's wife. After the relationship between the two people is exposed, Lin Feng has always loved Zhang Xinyue very much, and the relationship between the two is also very good.
    Whir from Zhang Xinyue
    Actually Zhang Xinyue is a small net red, and the popularity is relatively low. If it was not exposed with Lin Feng's relationship, many people may not know this name, and Zhang Xinyue and Wu Qian The two girls are completely different. Zhang Xinyue is a very obedient and well -behaved girl. The impression given people is that she is simpler and has no thought. However, Zhang Xinyue still has some small temper. Even when she loses her temper, she can feel the smell of small peppers on her. However, there is no maliciousness between Zhang Xinyue's words. It is very high and admire her very much.
    Zhang Xinyue from the Internet celebrity to the wife of the giants
    The Zhang Xinyue was promoted from the Internet celebrity to Mrs. Kuo, but even if she became Mrs. Kuang, she would not deliberately pursue the brand name, nor did she not deliberately pursue the brand, and she did not, and did not, nor did she not deliberately pursue the brand. I like to go to some luxury stores to buy things. When she was shopping, she also chose to be suitable for her, not the best. From this point of view, Zhang Xinyue is a good woman who knows how diligence and frugality, so she will be loved by Lin Feng. Zhang Xinyue listened to Lin Feng very much. The two were married until now. There was no Zhang Xinyue's name on Lin Feng's billions of mansions, but Zhang Xinyue did not care about it. If this was changed to other women, they might have to quarrel with men. So Zhang Xinyue looks like a little girl's personality. She cares only love, and she also knows how to cherish and operate love. She knows that Lin Feng loves her, so she will also give Lin Feng a lot of positive energy.
    In Lin Feng is willing to show affection high -profile
    Apart from these, Zhang Xinyue does not like to make the limelight and does not like to grab the limelight. She would rather be the woman behind Lin Feng, so she and Wu Qianyu like to eat, drink, and play Women are completely different. In the face of two kinds of women, I believe that most men will choose Zhang Xinyue to become a lifelong partner. When Lin Feng had a relationship with Wu Qianyu, he was very deeply injured by Wu Qianyu. Later, when he and Zhang Xinyue burst out their relationship, Lin Feng did not care about any public opinion in the outside world, and would also show high -profile love. For Lin Feng's personality, wanting high -profile show affection can only show that Lin Feng is really to Zhang Xinyue to Zhang Xinyue. I love it very much, I like it, so Lin Feng will do this.

  2. On the last day of 2019, Lin Feng announced that he had entered another stage of his life and showed Zhang Xinyue generously. From the rumor to the cultivation of the positive fruit for more than a year, Zhang Xinyue successfully married the male god. Such experience made most people envy.
    I I think Lin Feng is a true love for Zhang Xinyue. Everyone is struggling with the past Wu Qianyu. They have a enviable relationship, but after all, they are already in the past. Now their girlfriends are Zhang Xinyue. So don't speculate too much.
    Lin Feng and Zhang Xinyue have long been in love. The two fell in love and got married for more than a year. It was very sweet. Although the marriage notice has been exposed, they have not been publicly married. Everyone knows what they are exactly. Register and hold a wedding. Zhang Xinyue deliberately released a video to make a ghostly face with Lin Feng. Netizens saw that the two were rare in the same frame, and they speculated that they had received a certificate as a real couple. Looking back at the feelings of Lin Feng carefully, you will find that when he was young, he was still very eye -catching. Li Caihua and Zhong Jiaxin were very good women. However, with the growth of age, Lin Feng has become more and more excellent in all aspects. Instead, people's eyes are worse. Whether Pan Shuangshuang or Wu Qianyu, it is not a fuel -saving lamp. Fortunately, there are family members to help him check. Wu Qianyu and him have been with him for 5 years, but he has never been recognized by his family. Zhang Xinyue and Lin Feng are about to get married for less than two years. Sure enough, it was still spicy. Lin Feng's eyes were so poisonous. Once arranged a blind date, Lin Feng completely fell. Lin Feng finally came to suffer. After experiencing the relationship of 5 failures, he finally ushered in a true love.
    In fact, it is not so much to say together. Their life is only known to them. It is not helpful to how outsiders are speculating. I hope they are happy.

  3. The childhood male god Lin Feng announced his marriage last year, and his wife was pregnant in September of the same year. Netizens have different ideas for their marriage. Some people think that the male gods are older, and it is normal to get married. When they encounter suitable people who want to spend life together, they will get married. Some people think that the woman is pregnant, so she has to be married.
    Lin Feng's male god also took photos with his wife's pregnant belly on Weibo. It was sweet and funny, and it looked really warm and loving. Lin Feng said, the moment I hugged you, I felt the warmth of the world. The male god also hopes to have the warmth of the family, and return to the essence of life. The entertainment industry announced that there will be some controversy, there will be some controversy, there will be a lot of singing, it will be proved by time.
    This this year Hunan Satellite TV's "Wife's Romantic Travel" was launched in the sixth season. Although Xie Na was pregnant, she was in full swing. Lin Feng and his wife Zhang Xinyue joined the show.
    From the first guide film, their little couples are really loving, like little couples in love. Lin Feng said that his wife is a happy fruit at home, which can make everyone everyone happy. Talking about his wife's face with sweet smile. Thinking of his opportunity to laugh, when she tone, she would be gentle and gentle. It is a great praise to praise a person for happy fruit, because I like it, so she feels that she will bring me joy. I think everyone will like her, and everyone will be happy because of her appearance.
    Although Zhang Xinyue is famous for Lin Feng, the girls are also very good. Netizens will always say when their excellent brother announced the relationship that I don't know if it is cheaper that girl. This kind of speech was wrong at the beginning, so everyone guess that they don't really love each other at all, because everyone feels that they are not worthy, and my brother will not really love her. Every couple is not worthy of or not. As long as they love each other sincerely, everyone is the same, they are people who get along together.

  4. I think it is true love. Lin Feng prepared 9.18 carat diamond ring to propose to Zhang Xinyue successfully because September 18 was Zhang Xinyue's birthday. In addition, Lin Feng also fosted the duplex mansion in the middle of Hong Kong to Zhang Xinyue. He also cooks Zhang Xinyue himself.

  5. I think the two of them should be true love, because he originally had a girlfriend who had been talking about a long time, but in the end he broke up, but he entered the palace of marriage with this woman, so the two of them should love very much.

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