6 Tips for Getting started with wine

Some PEOPLE LIKE TO DRINK BEER, chilled with the next meal of Hunan cuisine, a word, cool! Some people love wine, love the mellow after the tender aftertaste. Unlike beer, wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grape juice (the grain used in beer), but the grapes used to make wine are different from the grapes we normally eat (called table grapes in writing). Today, Wine Encyclopedia will bring you some tips on how to get started with wine, which are very useful and worth collecting.


The composition of a bottle of wine


What are wine grapes?

Wine grapes are different from table grapes in that they have thicker skin and less meat, smaller grains than table grapes, and are generally high in sugar and acidity 39bet-đua chó-game giải trí -đá gà-đá gà trực tuyến-đánh bài. Many wine grapes belong to Vitis vinifera, the most famous of which is Cabernet Sauvignon.


'Vintage' in wine = Vint + age

Wine grapes ripen only once a year, so wine is made only once a year. "He" means "Winemaking" (wine), "age" said wine brewing. So, if you see a vintage on a bottle, that's the year the wine was picked and the year it was made. Generally speaking, the harvest time in the Northern hemisphere (Europe, the United States) is from August to September, and the Southern hemisphere (Argentina, Australia) is from February to April.
It is worth mentioning that some wines do not show the year on the label, and are usually made from multiple vintages. This kind of wine is called non-vintage (NV). Some types of Champagne, for example, are non-vintage Champagne.


What is a single varietal wine?

In short, a wine made primarily from one type of grape, usually with the grape variety indicated on the label. Note, however, that each country has different rules for the proportion of primary wine grapes for a single variety of wine:

Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Spain, New Zealand - 85%;

​us, Chile, South Africa, Australia, Greece - 75%;

Argentina -- 80 percent.


What is a blended wine?

This is a blend of wines made from a variety of grape varieties, most of which have been combined after fermentation or aging. Blending is a traditional winemaking technique that is still used today and is responsible for many of the greatest wines ever made.


5 Key points that determine the taste of a wine

(1) Acidity: Wines generally taste acidic, ranging from low acidity like lemon (pH 2.5) to high acidity like Greek yogurt (pH 4.5).
(2) Sweetness: According to sweetness, wines can be roughly divided into dry and sweet types. Dry wines generally do not contain sugar and taste sweet, while some sweet wines can be comparable to maple syrup in sweetness.

(3) Alcohol: Alcohol gives people the feeling of a spicy and burning throat. Wines tend to be 10-15% ABV, though there are exceptions, such as sparkling Moscato d 'asti, which is only 5.5% ABV, and Port, which is 20% ABV.
(4) Tannin: This substance is generally found in red wine, giving people a tight astringent taste, which is the same as the feeling of wet black tea bag on the tip of the tongue.
(5) Aroma components: Each grape variety has different aroma components at different levels, so some wines smell berry while others smell floral. In addition, aging is beneficial to the development of aroma. Most red wines age in oak barrels, which not only gives the wine its flavor, such as vanilla, but also gives it indirect exposure to oxygen. Oxidation and aging develop a range of unique flavors, such as nuts, dried fruit, and smoky.

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