How long is the "shelf life" of wine?

When it comes to the most romantic wine in the world, I think it has to be red wine. Unlike the whole bottle of beer and a stuffy white wine, drinking red wine is about the rhythm. Gently shake the hand of the red wine glass, smell the aroma emanating out, and then a sip, savor. It was hardly the wine that went down; it was the mood.

Many friends who love to drink red wine have the habit of storing red wine at home. Like most other foods, red wine has an expiration date. If you pay attention to the shelf life of the wine label, you will find that the "10 years" is printed all over the label, as shown below:

As an alcoholic beverage, how long is the shelf life of red wine? Can you drink wine that has been in your house for 10 years? Today, lazy Meow will talk about the topic of red wine with you. Let's have a look.

How long is the "shelf life" of wine?
Our domestic red wine, whether domestic red wine or imported red wine, as long as there is a Chinese wine label, will basically note the shelf life on the bottle label. But if you go abroad to buy wine, you will find that the label on the back of the wine usually only states the year of production and the date of filling, but not the specific expiration date 39bet-đua chó-game giải trí -đá gà-đá gà trực tuyến-đánh bài.

In fact, according to the relevant provisions in our country's "General Rules on the Label of pre-packaged Beverages":​

Wine and other beverages containing more than 10% alcohol are exempt from labeling expiration dates.

From THIS regulation, we can see that red wine with an alcohol content of more than 10 degrees does not need to be marked with a shelf life, that is, there is no specific shelf life. The reason why the shelf life of our domestic wine is marked is mainly due to the habits of the industry and consumers, so as to avoid the misunderstanding of "three no products".

Therefore, the "expiration date" on the label of wine can be used as a reference. Compared with the "shelf life", we should pay more attention to, in fact, the "drinking period" of red wine, which comes to the next question: the home put 10 years of red wine, still be assured to drink?

f40d9f69591f6bd22ef87343ccfeb1fbCan you still drink 10-year-old red wine?

There's an old saying that wine gets better with age. Accordingly, many friends think RED wine also IS DEPOSITED LONGER, DRINK RISE MORE POWERFUL. Then, buy the red wine THAT comes home, get used to putting on a long period of time first, do not rush to drink. In fact, this is a big mistake. Speaking of which, we have to mention a word, the drinking period.

Wine drinking period refers to the time when a bottle of wine is most suitable for drinking. This is when the wine is at its peak and tastes very good. It and shelf life are two completely different concepts. All the wines on the market will have their own life cycle, and will reach the peak of quality at a certain time, and then slowly enter the period of quality decline.

Different kinds of red wine have different drinking stages. Generally speaking, the ordinary red wine sold on the market is basically table wine, in the case of not opening, suitable for drinking within 3 years. If the wine is opened, it should be drunk within 3-4 days of opening the bottle.

Of course, there are some fine wines that may take 10 to 20 years to reach maturity, when they are at their best. If you think you can't drink it because the shelf life is "10 years", you will probably waste a good bottle of wine. However, such wines with the ability to age, such as the '82 Lafite we often hear about, are rare and often expensive.

Therefore, if a wine that has been stored at home for 10 years has more than 10 degrees of alcohol, it will not spoil if it is not opened. However, if it is an ordinary table wine, after 10 years, although the wine itself is not spoiled, the flavor inside is almost exhausted, and the sour taste is especially heavy, and it is not good to drink. In other words, 10 years is well past its drinking date. Of course, if it is a fine wine, it may be 10 years old, which is just the right time to drink it.

When we buy wine, we want to taste it at its peak, so it's not recommended that you leave it for that long. Even if it's 10 years old, it might still be drinkable, but it might not taste right, it might not taste good.

Through the above sharing, I believe that you have a closer understanding of the shelf life of red wine. For wine with alcohol degree above 10 degrees, our country has regulations, which can be exempted from labeling shelf life. So the 10-year shelf life on the bottle is just a reference.

Instead of focusing on the shelf life of the wine, focus on the drinking date of the wine. Nowadays, many red wines are marked on their proper drinking period. We should drink red wine during its proper drinking period, which is the peak of its quality. After the drinking period, although the wine is not bad, the taste and flavor will be greatly reduced. For most wine on the market, try to drink it within three years.

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